Documentation for Immigration Consultation

At Immigration Solutions LLC, we view an immigration consultation as a reciprocal exchange of information. It follows it most helpful when you bring any documents that are related to your immigration matter. Sometime simple document might make a world of difference. Please bring everything we will have plenty of time to examine all documents and hear your story.

Here are some specific examples of the types of immigration documentation that we would ideally like to examine:

Legal Documents

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Death certificates
  3. Divorce certificates
  4. Marriage certificates
  5. Driver’s licenses or State ID

Immigration Documentation

  • Passports
  • Expired passports
  • I-94, Arrival-Departure Record
  • Green card
  • Travel documents
  • Work permits, i.e., Employment Authorization Document (EAD) cards
  • Letters to/from USCIS
  • Receipt Notices
  • Copies of immigration applications
  • Immigration Judge orders
  • Notices of Immigration Court hearings
  • Notice to Appear in Immigration Court, i.e., NTA

Client File

If you have filed the case on your own or if you hired another attorney please bring all the paperwork with you.

Criminal Dispositions

Many times individuals believe their past arrests or criminal dispositions were inconsequential. At times they are right, but it is always best to be cautious before filing for any immigration benefits. As a result, we strongly encourage you to bring any documentation related to each arrest or criminal court appearance. Whether the crime was committed in the United States or abroad please obtain a court-certified final disposition showing all docket sheets.


If you are not sure whether a particular document is needed or have further questions about what to bring, please call us at (617) 536-0584. We look forward to listening to your story and helping you achieve your immigration goals and dreams.

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