Immigration Removal Proceedings Lawyer Boston

Removal Proceedings are the most traumatic aspect of Immigration Law. Without an experienced and caring attorney, families are often torn apart. If you are in Removal Proceedings, you need an attorney who will fight to keep you and your family together in the United States. At Immigration Solutions LLC, our attorneys will study your case carefully vis à vis the conditions of your family and your native country. At Immigration Solutions LLC we analyze every possible legal argument and we strive to give you the best possible defense.

We are also immigrants and thus we can relate and sympathize with being torn away from our families and trying to begin a better life in a new country.

Overview of Removal

If you lose a case before the Immigration Judge, you can be ordered removed from the United States. Many times, errors can occur, however, and mistakes could have been the result of the decision of your case. You need an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney who can aggressively fight the decision by filing an appeal. In some cases, you can be given a second chance and grasp the opportunity to make a new life in the U.S. Hiring the wrong attorney may result in you losing an appeal which may result in the permanent loss of your chance to live in the United States.

Appeals provide hope and possibilities

Appeals are a type of deportation defense that can provide hope to immigrants who have lost their case before an Immigration Court. Your last opportunity to stay in the United States could be the immigration appeals process. It should, therefore, be taken very seriously and handled by an aggressive lawyer. An appeal is based on printed records from the last proceeding, the Immigration Judge's decision, your attorney's legal arguments and supporting documents. We strive to prepare the best arguments and defenses on Appeal since for many individuals this is their last possibility for living a peaceful and fruitful life in the United States.

Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and Federal Court of Appeals

Within 30 days of the Immigration Judge's decision, your appeal will have to be filed with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Decisions that are made by Immigration Court can be reviewed by this appellate body. Immigration Solutions LLC can begin developing an effective strategy that is based on evidence that supports your case, as well as determine whether other arguments have been overlooked.

If your appeal with the BIA is denied, you might be able to file a new appeal with the Federal Court of Appeals. Your appeal with this court can overturn the BIA's decision. Contact Immigration Solutions LLC to discuss your legal needs to help you determine the best route to take. Time may be of the essence. Contact us today at: 617-536-0584  Or send us a note here.